Equipment Used

Using specialist training hardware Davlin Training Associates provide the essential link for trainees, between theory and the practical use of PLC’s for industrial applications.

Digital Hardware

Specialist digital training rigs ensure the practical transfer of theory to application through the use of sensors, motors, belts, chains & solenoids.

Analogue Hardware

Specialist focused PLC training rapidly improves individual and group productivity. Performance and skill levels in the use of direct analogue monitoring, control of temperature, flow-rate and levels are all fully developed.

Skill levels in programming recognition, program monitoring, fault finding, diagnosis and rectification are rapidly improved using the specialised equipment and methodology.

Davlin Training Associates offer bespoke training packages and PLC training to meet individual corporate and college requirements. Every course is specially created to match and exceed the unique requirements of each individual customer.

PLC Manufacturers Include

  • Siemens S5 and S7
  • Allen Bradley SLC500
  • Micrologix
  • Compact Logix
  • Control Logix
  • DeviceNet
  • Scada
  • Mitsubishi Fx, Q and A Series
  • Omron SYSWIN or CX Software
  • Operator Panels/Touch Screens
  • PLC Simulation Software
“Davlin Training Associates have developed and delivered all of the PLC training courses for Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd for a number of years””Davlin provide a superb service. Their expertise and knoledge of PLC systems is exemplary. The feedback from our course delegates is always posotive with frequent glowing comments””I would thoroughly recommend that anybody requiring PLC training should consider consulting Davlin Training Associates.”

Our Happy Clients